Project description *Outdated*

2 min readOct 5, 2021


The Piece wants to make high-priced NFTs accessible to everyone.

The Piece was founded so that no one has to spend too high prices for an NFT.
The following is a start-to-finish description of the user experience on our “The Piece” website.

Buying an NFT:
With the voting function that runs on The Piece’s website and discord server, the community can vote on which Collection will be listed next on the website.
After the community has chosen a suitable collection and therefore an NFT, The Piece team will communicate with the current owner of the picture and find a good price.
Once both parties are satisfied with the price, the NFT will be purchased.

Splitting and minting of the fragments:
After the purchase, the fragments are created:
The Nft will be divided into fragments the number and price can vary depending on the cost of the Nft.
These fragments will be minted at an event on our homepage.

Trade fragments:
After a fragment got minted, it can be sold on the website's marketplace or secondary platforms like OpenSea.
With the voting system integrated on the Website, the fragment holders are deciding if the Real NFT is going to be sold or not. There will be a voting every 2 months.

NFT drop, whitelist, closed mint:
It is planned that The Piece will release its own NFT’s.
These will be in the form of a key to participate in a whitelist sale before the public sale of the fragments.
The keys will be available for minting on our website, only one key can be purchased per wallet.
Everyone who has a key or is on the whitelist has access to some special rights regarding the purchase of the fragments.
Furthermore, there are some events planned where a key could be very useful.

We from “The Piece” team thank every supporter of our project and wish everyone who is not yet a part of the NFT space a warm welcome.




Buy and Sell fractions of NFTs you couldn’t afford.