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5 min readFeb 20, 2022

The images in this post have a very high resolution, so if they do not load directly, have a little patience thank you!

The following images do not represent the current state of the marketplace.
They are only intended to illustrate the vision we have.

All figures are only placeholders and do not represent future values. This page will be updated as the marketplace evolves.

Marketplace Homepage

This sketch is the landing page of the marketplace, where you can find the latest listed NFT projects. The individual cards of the NFTs give a lot of information, you can see when the next voting for the fragment holders is coming. You can also see the collection name and NFT #ID, the floor price in $PIECE tokens, how many fractions there are, and the number of people who have this NFT on their watch/favorite list. In the top bar, you can search for projects, explore the marketplace, find different collections, access the Staking menu, and convert your own NFT.

Explore Page

This page lists all collections that are whitelisted on “ThePieceNFT” and how many NFTs per collection have been converted so far. Also, on this page, you will find the collections that are currently trending and those with the highest volume.

Buying a fragment

On this page, you can see an NFT that has been divided into fragments. It is indicated which collection the NFT is a part of, how many fragments there are, and what the minimum price of the fragments is. You can also see the average price curve, which shows the progression of the minimum price. It shows the number of buy orders that exist. Also, the cheapest fragments that are currently for sale are listed. To buy a fragment, you just need to click the “Buy” button and sign the transaction in your wallet.

Buying multiple fragments at once

This image shows a first sketch of the buy page for fragments. You get to this page by clicking on “Create purchase order”. Here you can choose how much you want to pay for a fragment and how many you want to buy. You can also see the combined price of all fragments that will be purchased. After you create a buy order, all available fragments will be bought below or up to the entered maximum price. If there are not enough fragments at that price, the order is saved and the next one that comes on the market at the right price is bought. It is also mandatory to accept the terms and conditions of Service otherwise no transaction can be made.

Selling fragments

This is the sales menu for the fragments. The graph shows the floor price of the fragments in the past and the current price. Below this, you can enter how much $PIECE you want to charge for a fragment. Next to it (The buyer pays) this amount is automatically calculated with fees added. Quantity means that you can enter how many fragments you want to put on the marketplace. To offer the fragments on the marketplace, you just need to accept the terms of Service and click “Offer for sale”.

Explore Page

This is an example of a collection page. You can access one of these pages by clicking on a collection or a “see full collection” button beside an NFT. All converted NFTs that belong to this collection are displayed here. In a collection, each NFT has the same number of fragments for easier comparison. In the upper left corner of the page, there is a small overview with statistics about traded volume, items, floor price, etc. to give you an easy summary.

Voting Page

This is the first sketch of our voting page. In the beginning, it will allow users with staked coins to vote on the whitelisting of certain collections. Of course, as the decentralization of the project progresses, more and different votes will be added.

Converting Page

With this series of pictures about converting we would like to introduce you to our simple mechanism for fragmenting your NFTs. First, press converting in the upper right corner of the main menu to get to this page. There you will see a list of all NFTs in your wallet that is whitelisted and ready for fragmentation. The only thing you have to do now is to select the desired NFT and press convert. The NFT will then be automatically converted to a predefined number of fragments and transferred to your wallet where you can then decide to sell/auction them.

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