Discord: Uniting Our Community and Boosting Engagement

3 min readApr 14, 2023


We always seek ways to connect with our community more effectively and foster collaboration among our members. Consequently, we are excited to announce that we have chosen Discord as the main platform for communicating with our community. In this article, we will outline our plans for using Discord to boost engagement, provide information about our giveaways, discuss opportunities for community members to engage with our development team, and detail our referral program.

Plans for using Discord as a platform for our community:
Discord provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that allows us to create an organized and engaging space for our community members. Our plans for utilizing Discord include creating channels for different discussion topics, hosting regular voice chats, and providing customer support. This platform will serve as a one-stop shop for our community members to access information, ask questions, and connect.

Discord giveaways and how to participate:
We will be hosting regular giveaways on our Discord server to reward our active and engaged community members. These giveaways may include Fractional Protocol Packs, exclusive content, or even access to closed MVP testing. To participate, simply join our Discord server and look for giveaway announcements in the designated channel. Instructions for entry will be provided with each giveaway, so be sure to read them carefully.

Engaging with our team and learning about ongoing projects:
One of the primary benefits of using Discord as our community platform is the opportunity for community members to interact with our development team directly. We will host “Talks” where our developers will discuss ongoing projects, provide updates, and answer questions from the community. These sessions will be announced in advance, and community members will have the opportunity to submit questions or ask them live during the event.

Our referral program and its benefits:
In an effort to grow our community and encourage more people to join our Discord server, we have implemented a referral program. Current community members have the opportunity to invite new users to join the server, which will enable them to earn rewards such as IDO-whitelist access, FP (Fractional Protocol) Packs, private Whitelist placements, and distinguished inviter roles within the Discord server. This program not only contributes to the growth of our community but also recognizes and rewards our most devoted members for their unwavering support.

Stay updated on the development and other plans:
Our Discord server will be the primary source for the latest information on our project’s development and other plans. We will post regular updates in the announcements channel, so make sure to keep an eye on it to stay informed. Additionally, you can engage with the development team and other community members in the chat to gain more insight into our ongoing work.

Strategies for building a strong and supportive community on Discord:
To foster a thriving community on Discord, we will focus on several key strategies. These include actively moderating the server to maintain a positive and welcoming environment, hosting community events and contests to encourage engagement, and providing a platform for users to share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback. By implementing these strategies, we aim to create a strong and supportive community that helps our project grow and succeed.

We are thrilled to make Discord the central hub for our community and believe it will significantly enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement among our members. We encourage you to join our Discord server, participate in our events and giveaways, and become an active member of our growing community. Together, we can build a strong, supportive environment that benefits everyone involved in our project.

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